Heat Pump Information

Find out more about the most popular heating solution on today’s market

Heat Pumps are the most popular heating solution on today’s market, but if you have never had one there may be some things you’d love to know.

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Trusted brands – what are they?

Air Con Nelson with Air Con New Zealand supply and install the most trusted names in New Zealand heat pumps, so you can be sure of reliability, performance and extensive warranties  . . read more.

Which type of heat pump should I choose?

High wall, cassette, wall mounted or the ultimate ducted system – all systems have their advantages, contact Air Con Nelson to discuss your requirements or  . . read more.

How does a heat pump work?  What is an inverter?

Wondering how they work or what does inverter technology mean?   . .  read more.

Installation Information

What’s a back to back installation and does it suit me? . . read more.

Should my heat pump be serviced or cleaned?  How often?

A heat pump can provide efficient heating to a home, but to keep it running effectively is must be cared for like any other appliance   . . read more.

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